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John Michels

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Criminal Defense Attorney, John L. Michels has over 10 years experience with criminal defense crimes. If you have been accused of a felony crime, DUI or drug offense, call Criminal defense attorney John Michels. Criminal defense attorney Michels has experience with criminal cases, ranging from misdemeanors to murder cases. Criminal defense lawyer, John Michels has a large range of experience with hit and run, drug offenses, embezzlement, drug sales and robbery, which has made him a highly experienced lawyer. If you have need of an experienced criminal defense attorney, call John L. Michels today, available 24/7.
John L. Michels has two offices to serve you. One office is located in Riverside and the other office is located in Temecula. Protecting you rights is Attorney Michels first priority.
He has worked with the Riverside County Courts for many years. John Michels started as a prosecuting attorney with the District Attorney's office. He has extensive experience working with the Riverside County Drug Courts.
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