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Randi Levine
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Randi Levine
Law Office of Randi Levine

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Representing businesses and individuals.
Practice areas include:

Based in Boston metropolitan area and covering all Massachusetts Courts.

  • Hourly and contingent fee arrangements for cases from $10,000 to more than $1 million.
  • Experienced, responsive, efficient, effective, reasonable rates and creative solutions
  • Representing clients in diverse industries


To discuss your legal situation and the possibility of representation,
e-mail [email protected] or call for a free initial consultation.

I have been a practicing attorney for over twenty-five years, working exclusively in the area of civil litigation. For more than fifteen years, I have maintained a solo practice, focusing primarily on business litigation, commercial collections and the enforcement of judgments. I have been awarded the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory's highest rating of AV as a result of peer review. I have been a guest on radio talk shows and have participated as a lecturer in educational programs relating to commercial collections. I am a graduate of Brown University (magna cum laude) and the University of Connecticut Law School (with honors)

I represent both businesses and individuals and I also defend against claims.  My clients are diverse, coming from broad variety of industries.  For a number of clients, I manage litigation portfolios, serving as a liaison between the client and attorneys in various jurisdictions.

My experience litigating commercial contracts has enabled me to become an effective advisor in drafting and negotiating contracts. For a number of clients, I have drafted sales / services agreements and related documents to be used as the templates for their transactions. I have also represented clients in lengthy contract negotiations in which a range of topics, such as confidentiality, employee benefits, and insurance are implicated.

My office is in Wellesley, MA, and I cover adjacent towns including Newton, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Needham, Watertown and counties. I am assisted in my practice by contract attorneys when necessary.

I work either on a contingent fee basis of up to 33%, or on an hourly basis, depending on the case or project at hand.


The Importance of Regular Communication
with the Client

I believe it important that my clients know what is going on in their cases and how much it is costing them.  I bill my clients monthly providing a detailed explanation of what I have done.  I answer all emails and phone messages within twenty-four hours.  When I am in the office, I answer my own phone, usually after the first ring! I consult with the client regarding discovery options and let them know ahead of time what the estimated cost of, for example, depositions will be.  As a case progresses, I am always mindful of our ultimate objective and how much we reasonably hope to spend to achieve our goals.


Maximizing Leverage

As a litigant, the more leverage you have, the greater the likelihood of success.  Just hiring a lawyer increases a client’s leverage.  So does filing a law suit, which forces the opposing party to defend.  Attaching assets increases leverage, as does forcing your opposition to come to court, produce financial documents such as tax returns or appear at a deposition.  It is difficult to predict at what point in the case your opponent will be ready to come to the bargaining table with a reasonable proposal.  Obtaining leverage should assist you to efficiently acheive your goals. 


Enforcement of Judgments Both Foreign or Domestic

I regularly undertake the enforcement of Judgments, both foreign (out of state) and domestic (Massachusetts). The key here is to find and attach assets that can be liquidated. Enforcing a judgment might entail attaching assets held in trust and/or assets that may have been fraudulently conveyed to a third party or parties. If the debtor is owed money by a third party residing or doing business in Massachusetts, one might move to "reach and apply" the debt. The debt might consist of an obligation under a Note. Or, perhaps the debtor has a claim against a Massachusetts party, either liquidated or unliquidated. One can obtain ex parte (without notice) relief against third-party assets, either by way of attachment or injunction, in the proper case.

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