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Darren Levitt
Levitt Legal, PLLC
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Darren Levitt
Levitt Legal, PLLC

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University of Utah
2005 - 2008



(801) 455-1743

I founded Levitt Legal to continue my passion of helping the greater community and protecting the futures of its members. My Salt Lake City-based law firm focuses exclusively on criminal defense, including both misdemeanor and felony offenses. No matter the severity of the offense, my clients get the benefit of my proactive approach and dedication, every step of the way.

As a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney, I represent a diverse group of clients who come from all walks of life, including working business and working professionals, students, stay-at-home parents, and out-of-state visitors. While my legal practice is located in Salt Lake County, I provide dedicated legal counsel to clients in Box Elder County, Weber County, Cache County, and nearby areas.

My practice areas include:

Remember, an arrest for a criminal offense does not indicate guilt or mean that a conviction will necessarily follow. I pride myself on my attention-to-detail and use evidence about the case to your advantage, including unlawful investigation procedure, violation of constitutional rights, witness testimony, evidence, and other details that may introduce reasonable doubt.

Call 801-531-1030 to discuss your situation during a free, in-depth consultation. I firmly believe in giving clients all of the attention they need to gain confidence in the legal system and their options. I make it a priority to ensure that clients understand the charges they face, as well as the benefits of their available legal options. An informed client is an asset to have in every case. With what you stand to potentially lose, it's important to consider every legal avenue with knowledgeable counsel at your side.