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Michael Wakshull

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Mike Wakshull is a civil and criminal court-qualified document examiner who partners with legal clients to dissect the evidence presented in handwritten and computer-generated questioned documents. His valid approach produces winning arguments during the trial.

Wakshull applies his scientific training to examine questioned documents which is a court requirement. He uses generally accepted practices such as ASTM standards. His laboratory is well-equipped and he has built a large forensic reference library.

Wakshull is skilled at creating and explaining complex exhibits in easy-to-understand language and pictures. His courtroom approach is to teach and engage the trial participants—opposing attorney, judge and jury.

Mike Wakshull  is one of a handful of forensic document examiners and handwriting examiners with a graduate school certificate in forensic document examination.

Mike works with attorneys and private clients to authenticate handwriting and documents such as wills, contracts, court documents, disguised writing and altered documents.

Having a background in information systems and quality engineering provides Mike with the ability to apply the scientific method to all of his handwriting and questioned document examinations. Handwriting examination requires studying variability in a person’s handwriting. My laboratory contains the necessary equipment to examine altered documents and handwriting using microscopic and computer-based techniques.

As a skilled speaker, he has delivered seminars to professional conferences and chapter meetings of the National Association of Document Examiners, American Society for Quality, California Association of Handwriting Analysts, Forensic Expert Witness Association, Forensic Consultants Association and Project Management Institute.

Member of:

·       National Association of Document Examiners
National Speakers Association

·       ASTM International

·       American Society for Quality

·       American Handwriting Analysis Foundation

     ·       Toastmasters International
     ·       Forensic Expert Witness Association

More information is available at http://www.quality9.com.

Contact Mike at [email protected]. 


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