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Jack Gold
Jack Gold Atty at Law
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Jack Gold
Jack Gold Atty at Law

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1968 - 1971



(213)893-7500/ (818)

I graduated from whittier College of Law in 1971 and luckily passed the bar the same year.  I began practicing both Criminal and Juvenile Law as a member of both bar panels. Criminal  Law at the Criminal Courts Bldg and Juvenile at the various Courts throughout the County.

Myself and a few other members of the Juvenile panel created the only existing Juvenile Courts Bar Association and as time went on, many of us were appointed to the bench. I was appointed as a Superior Court Commissioner and remained on the bench for over 26 years. 

I have lectured to the Los Angeles County Probation Officers Gang conference in Inglewood California. the conference was attended by Police, Federal Agencies, Immigration Gang Officers and other bench officers.

I have also lectured twice to the Statewide Judicial Juvenile conference in Sacramento and and San Diego.

I am admitted to the Central District of the Federal Court, State Bar of California, San Fernando Valley Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and California Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

I am associated with Atty Richard Wagner, Curt Lleftwich and Joseph Vodnoy where we concentrate on Juvenile Matters (delinquency), Federal Cases, DUI and we have handled cases from prostituion to Murder and both Mr. Leftwich and Mr. Vodnoy have extensively handled all manner of Federal Offenses.