Affordable San Francisco California Lawyers Near You

Rich Lewetzow

Rich Lewetzow    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94123
Rich Lewetzow & Associates specializes in expert witness legal assistance in the Real Estate industry.
Mark Torchiana

Mark Torchiana    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
Forensic accountant and expert witness with engagement experience in environmental remediation, construction claims, fraud investigations and lost profits/damages analyses.
Ronald Roberts

Ronald Roberts    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94109
Dr. Roberts has been practicing forensic psychology and neuropsychology for over twenty years. He has been involved in over three thousand forensic cases.
(415) 776-2000
Dennis Gemberling

Dennis Gemberling    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94105
Hotel and Restaurant specialist with over 30 years experience for the lodging, food service, resorts, gaming, bar and night club industry.
(415) 434-0135
Jim  Blanco

Jim Blanco    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94105
Court qualified expert opinions rendered concerning: Signatures, Handwriting, Altered Documents, Substituted Pages and all types of Questioned Documents cases.
Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94110
Testified before the local, state, and federal legislature, boards, commissions and in court over 100 times. 30 years and 45,000 hours investigative experience civil rights.
(415) 424-8221
Jeffrey Petersen

Jeffrey Petersen    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
We are economists specializing in valuing economic damages.
(415) 433-7020
Phillip Allman

Phillip Allman    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
We are economists specializing in valuing economic damages.
(415) 433-7020
Mark Watts

Mark Watts    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94105
Commercial Real Estate Appraiser
Dr. Durand  Begault

Dr. Durand Begault    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Expert witness and consulting services includes audibility-human factors, tape authentication, tape enhancement (clean-up), voice identification, intellectual property. Ph.D. UCSD 1987
415 397 0442
Roger Bernhardt

Roger Bernhardt    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94105
Specializes in real estate and mortgage law, attorney and broker malpractice.
(415) 666-3343
Eric Risberg

Eric Risberg    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
We specialize in the appraisal of Industrial, Office, Retail & select Residential properties in California (especially the San Francisco Bay Area) and across the United States.
San Francisco, CA 94109
San Francisco, CA 94114
San Francisco, CA 94109