Listing of Attorneys in Milwaukee

Benjamin Payne
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Benjamin Payne is a business and consumer bankruptcy lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, representing both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy matters and state court collections actions.
William Green
Milwaukee, WI 53227
I am an attorney with Green & Kapsos Law Offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin specialiazing in Bankruptcy & Family Law.
(414) 543-5369
Andrea Schneider
Milwaukee, WI 94111
Anne Reed
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Kevin O'Flaherty
Milwaukee, WI 53215
O'Flaherty Law Milwaukee is your community law firm. We are committed to providing personalized, efficient, and quality legal service and pride ourselves on our "above-and-beyond" approach.
(414) 253-2080
Paul Strouse
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Paul Strouse is a bankruptcy attorney in Milwaukee that is dedicated to providing his services top notch legal counsel at an affordable price.
(414) 390-0820
Christopher Ahrens
Milwaukee, WI 53203
At The Previant Law Firm, S.C., our team of skilled workers' comp attorneys in Milwaukee helps injured workers bring successful work injury claims and appeals.
(414) 622-1899
Jerome Konkel
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Our skilled attorneys at Samster Konkel & Safran, S.C. have over 100 years of combined experience in the legal field and have successfully resolved over 15,000 personal injury cases.
(414) 224-0400
Christopher Cherella
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Fight your charges with a former prosecutor at the Law Offices of Christopher J. Cherella. Call our Milwaukee criminal attorney for a FREE consult.
(414) 882-8382
Andrew Mishlove
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Experienced OWI defense attorneys in Wisconsin that can give you the aggressive defense that you need for your case. Work with the only board-certified DUI specialists in Wisconsin.
Brian Kinstler
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Attorney Brian Kinstler has been practicing law and serving clients in Milwaukee Wisconsin for 16 years.
(414) 271-1200
Jerome Kerkman
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Attorney Jerome Kerkman has been practicing law and serving clients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for over 8 years.
(414) 277-8200
Christie Bandle
Milwaukee, WI 53224
Christie Bandle is a partner at Bandle & Zaeske LLP in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She specializes in divorce and family law.
(414) 359-1424
Matthew Meyer
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Matthew Meyer dedicates his practice to defending the rights of those accused of violating the laws of the State of Wisconsin and the United States of America.
(414) 270-0202
Tedia Gamino
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Attorney Tedia Gamino focuses in the areas of criminal defense, OWI/DUI defense, US immigration, and family law/divorce in Wisconsin.
Jeff Hughes
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Sterling Law Offices serves clients in Milwaukee with legal services including personal injury claims, family and divorce matters, criminal defense, and dui defense.
(414) 431-8697
Ann Jacobs
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Ann S. Jacobs is the founder of Jacobs Injury Law. Her practice includes automobile accidents, nursing home abuse and neglect cases, financial abuse/fraud, as well as medical malpractice cases.
(414) 306-8999
Ili Subhan
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Attorney Ili J. Subhan specializes in immigration law, intellectual property and business law, criminal defense, and mediation.
(414) 223-5718
John Birdsall
Milwaukee, WI 53203
In more than 20 years of practice, John Birdsall has earned a reputation as one of Milwaukee and Wisconsin's most trusted criminal defense lawyers.
(414) 831-5465
Nathan Eisenberg
Milwaukee, WI 53212
The Previant Law Firm, S.C. is a law firm is dedicated to serving the residents of Wisconsin in injury,
414 219 0895
Alex Rodin
Milwaukee, WI 53226
Alex Rodin is a legal expert in Milwaukee, USA. He specializes in bankruptcy and over the years has handled plenty of tough cases successfully.
Emmanuel Muwonge
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Practicing personal injury for past 25 years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at trial, court of appeals and, appeared before the Wisconsin Supreme Court in Antuan A vs. Heritage, 228 W.2d 44(Wis.1999)
(414) 933-4144
Bruce E Boyden
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Charles H Barr
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Cheryl Baraty
Milwaukee, WI 53209
Cheryl Polansky Baraty
Milwaukee, WI 53209