Listing of Attorneys in Baltimore

Todd Reinecker
Baltimore, MD 21201
Todd M. Reinecker concentrates his practice on complex civil litigation, including serious personal injury and business litigation matters.
(410) 385-2225
Paul Sandler
Baltimore, MD 21201
Paul Mark Sandler is a trial lawyer who has developed a national reputation for successfully representing many notable clients in trial and appellate courts.
Mary Keating
Baltimore, MD 21210
Mary T. Keating practices in Baltimore in the areas of employment law, contract and real estate disputes, wills and estates, and small business matters.
Lee Carpenter
Baltimore, MD 21217
Estates & Trusts
Hillel Traub
Baltimore, MD 21208
The Law Offices of Hillel Traub, P.A. is your best choice for traffic violations and criminal defense law. When you need help with a complex traffic violation, we are here to help you!
(410) 580-1100
Jobeth Bowers
Baltimore, MD 21218
Attorney Bowers is the founder of Bowers Law, and a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law.
Barry Diamond
Baltimore, MD 21202
Attorney Barry J Diamond has been practicing law for over thirty years. He knows what it takes to build a winning case and has the passion to pursue a successful outcome no matter what the odds.
(410) 727-7642
David Fink
Baltimore, MD 21201
Attorney David E. Fink has been practicing law and serving clients in Baltimore, Maryland for many years.
David Shapiro
Baltimore, MD 21202
Attorney David B. Shapiro has been practicing law and serving clients in Baltimore, Maryland for many years.
(410) 576-9100
Eric Kirk
Baltimore, MD 21202
Where an injury occurs as a result of someone else’s negligence, the victim often requires thorough and diligent representation. I have more than 20 years aggressively defending injury victims
David Zerivitz
Baltimore, MD 21208
When you call my office, you speak to me personally. You will not talk with a call screener, a receptionist, or a paralegal.
(410) 653-5800
Roxanne Ward
Baltimore, MD 21286
Baltimore Medical Malpractice Attorneys and Nursing Home Lawyers
(410) 616-2160
Thomas Yost
Baltimore, MD 21202
The Yost Legal Group consists of lawyers who have dedicated their careers to protecting the rights of innocent victims
(800) 967-8529
M. Edvard Shprukhman
Baltimore, MD 21208
www.PikesvilleLawyer.comTEL 410-262-6448
Jan Berlage
Baltimore, MD 21201
Jan Berlage’s practice focuses on general business litigation, ranging from commercial disputes to bankruptcy to intellectual property.
(410) 752-1261
Justin Brown
Baltimore, MD 21202
Attorney practicing state and federal criminal defense, as well as complex civil litigation.
(410) 244-5444
sabrina willis
baltimore, MD 21202
Alicia Edmunds
Baltimore, MD 21203
Primary practice areas: Family Law, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury.
Jack Hyatt
Baltimore, MD 21209
Former Assistant States AttorneyFormer Senior Criminal Probation Officer
Frank Muher
Baltimore, MD 21234
Frank Muher is admitted to practice in the State and Federal Courts throughout Maryland. He is a member of the Maryland State Bar Association and the Automobile Negligence and the Workers’ Comp
(410) 882-7900
John William Trotz
Baltimore, MD 21206
Trial attorney with well over 100 solo jury trials and 90% win rate. Also an experienced appellate attorney with a dozen appeals to Maryland Courts of Appeal, three of which are reported.
Jack Hyatt
Baltimore, MD 21209
Bankruptcy - Low Fees - Payment Plans - Free Telephone Consultation 410-484-4900
E. David Hoskins
Baltimore, MD 21210
Baltimore Consumer Rights and Personal Injury Attorney
Jack Hyatt
Baltimore, MD 21209
Maryland Bankruptcy Laywer - Low Fees - Payment Plans - Experience Gained in thousands of cases since 1973 - Free Telephone Consultation 410-484-4900
Ami Dhruv Gadhia
Baltimore, MD 21201
Amy A. Freed
Baltimore, MD 21202
Amy B Heinrich
Baltimore, MD 21202
Amy B Kiesel
Baltimore, MD 21244
Amy E Sloan
Baltimore, MD 21201
Anat Levy
Baltimore, MD 21215
Andre M Forte
Baltimore, MD 21202
Andrew D Levy
Baltimore, MD 21202
Andrew Gendron
Baltimore, MD 21202
Andrew H Baida
Baltimore, MD 21201