Affordable Santa Ana Criminal Law Lawyers

Benjamin Arsenian

Benjamin Arsenian    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92705
The Law Offices Of Benjamin Arsenian PC provides experienced criminal defense and personal injury representation. Call (888) 507-9510 now.
(657) 222-6298
Sabrina Darwish

Sabrina Darwish    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92705
Darwish Law exclusively practices criminal law and is dedicated to providing the best possible defense for you.
Ben Arsenia

Ben Arsenia    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92701
Great attorney
Elia Naqvi

Elia Naqvi    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92701
If you were arrested for a criminal charge, turn to the skilled Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer at The Law Offices of Elia Naqvi.
714 581 8516
Salvatore Ciulla

Salvatore Ciulla    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92703
Salvatore P. Ciulla is a criminal defense attorney in Santa Ana, CA with 32 years of experience.
Sholeh  Iravantchi

Sholeh Iravantchi    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92705
As a trial attorney, I have represented many clients with charges ranging from misdemeanor to felony along with the clients that are placed in Removal/Deportation proceedings.
(714) 619-9303
Mathew Higbee

Mathew Higbee    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92705
Jeannette Noceda

Jeannette Noceda    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92701
Practicing attorney for 23 years..
John Bussman

John Bussman    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92701
Criminal defense expert. Experienced in DUI, domestic violence, drugs, medical marijuana and restraining orders.
(714) 505-2468
Nicholas  Cochran

Nicholas Cochran    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92705
Never wanting to leave the fight for another day, our attorney always looks for prompt resolutions! If you want a DUI attorney in Santa Ana, CA, call Nicholas J. Cochran Law Office.
Houman  Fakhimi

Houman Fakhimi    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 91730
Criminal attorneys serving the greater Orange County, Riverside and San Berardino areas.
(714) 705-6701
Anne Healy

Anne Healy    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92701
Practice family, criminal and civil.
(714) 442-1522
Jenna Thorne

Jenna Thorne    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92705
Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92701
Attorneys helping residents of Orange County.
Charmaine Druyor

Charmaine Druyor    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92701
The firm is centrally located in Orange County. I provide zealous representation to all who are charged with a criminal offense.
( 714 ) 595-3737
Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92701


sANTA ANA, CA 92706
Family law in southren calf for 30 plus years
Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson    VERIFIED

Santa Ana, CA 92703