Affordable Denver Criminal Law Lawyers

David Owen

David Owen    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80237
David L. Owen, Jr. has over 33 years of legal experience, including 18 years as an Assistant Federal Public Defender. He defends clients throughout Denver against both federal and state charges.
Kevin Cahill

Kevin Cahill    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80210
Kevin Cahill is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in the Denver area. If you have been arrested and need a bond motion to get out of jail call now to schedule a free case review.
Kevin  Cahill

Kevin Cahill    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80222
With over 10 years of experience and a reputation for getting results in court, Cahill is an accomplished criminal lawyer aggressively defending the accused.
(720) 548-2990
Charles Feldmann

Charles Feldmann    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
Denver attorney Charles Eugene Feldmann will be able to provide the representation and support you need if you have been charged with a crime or dealing with a divorce related case.
(303) 813-1200
Kimberly Diego

Kimberly Diego    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80203
Kimberly became a criminal defense lawyer because she has a strong personal belief that every person is entitled to a legal defense.
(720) 257-5346
Don Soulliere

Don Soulliere    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80222
The Law Office of Don Soulliere is a well-established law firm located in Denver
Chris Matz

Chris Matz    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80222
Criminal Defense Lawyer Denver
Michael Becker

Michael Becker    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
Colorado criminal defense lawyer Michael Becker has been working for his clients to achieve charge dismissals, reductions, and acquittals for 25 years.
Lauren Butler

Lauren Butler    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
Denver criminal defense attorney.
(303) 536-3544
Andres Guevara

Andres Guevara    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80218
Andres R. Guevara's practice is focused on criminal law (DUI, felonies, misdemeanors) in Denver, Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson, and Adam counties.
John Buckley

John Buckley    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80209
Criminal Defense attorney with emphasis on DUI Defense.
Lonn Heymann

Lonn Heymann    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80204
Civil Rights Attorney Denver, CO, Criminal Law Attorney Denver, CO
Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80209
Aggressive Criminal Defense For More Than Two Decades
(303) 996-8998
Scott Ray

Scott Ray    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80209
Scott Ray has focuses his practice in the areas of civil litigation including personal injury and family law.
(303) 860-7353
Dan Luneau

Dan Luneau    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80222
Named a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” and “Top 40 under 40 Trial Lawyer” by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Currently a partner at the law firm of Fife Luneau, P.C.
(303) 872-0539
James Margulis

James Margulis    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
James S. Margulis is a partner at Feldmann Nagel Cantafio Margulis Gonnell PLLC in Colorado.
(888) 458-0991
Ann  Toney

Ann Toney    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80246
Criminal Justice Attorney
Lauren Butler

Lauren Butler    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80203
At the Law Firm of Butler & Telleen you’ll get a team of experienced attorneys who will be your best advocate in the legal battlefield. Founding partners, Lauren Butler & Ashley Telleen
Patrick Mulligan

Patrick Mulligan    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
I believe in in providing aggressive but compassionate representation to those accused of criminal offenses.
(303) 295-1500
Law Offices of Steven J. LLC

Law Offices of Steven J. LLC    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer Criminal, DUI, and Traffic Defense Law Firm
(303) 529-1424
Jacob Martinez

Jacob Martinez    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80246
Mr. Martinez is a respected and skilled Colorado criminal defense and DUI attorney. He has achieved numerous dismissals and mitigated outcomes for his clients in his years of practice.
James  L. Finegan

James L. Finegan    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
Since 1980, Attorney James L. Finegan has been providing people accused of intoxicated/impaired driving, criminal offenses and traffic violations with the strongest possible defense.
Kristopher Hammond

Kristopher Hammond    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
The origins of the Cantafio Hammond law firm began all the way back in 1982, when they became friends as fellow law students in Boulder, Colorado.
Stephen M. Burstein

Stephen M. Burstein    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
Denver criminal defense and DUI attorney.
(303) 861-2800
Rick Poormon

Rick Poormon    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80203
Richard P. Poormon, Esq., is committed to helping you navigate your legal situation.
Kimberly Diego

Kimberly Diego    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80203
Kimberly Diego devotes her practice exclusively to criminal & DUI defense in the Denver metro area.
(720) 257-5346
Tamas Viski-Hanka

Tamas Viski-Hanka    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80246
My goal is to provide my clients with result oriented hard work.
Patrick Fitz-Gerald

Patrick Fitz-Gerald    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80209
Patrick Fitz-Gerald is a founding member of Driskell, Fitz-Gerald & Ray, LLC. He grew up in the Denver area, graduated from J.K. Mullen and the University of Colorado.
(303) 860-7353
Robert Grossman

Robert Grossman    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80222
I am felony defense lawyer Robert Grossman. For the past 20+ years I have built a track record of successfully defending clients facing felony charges. Free consultations call 303-470-7700
(303) 470-7700
Eric Driskell

Eric Driskell    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80218
Driskell, Fitz-Gerald, & Ray, LLC was formed to provide aggressive, ethical, and efficient legal representation in the Denver.
Matt  Buck

Matt Buck    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80203
grows, dispensaries, and MIPs across Colorado, from the Western Slope to Pueblo, County. Prior to working on marijuana cases, he represented hundreds of clients in immigration matters,
(720) 507-1884
Stephanie Aldrich

Stephanie Aldrich    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80205
I am seasoned attorney who has extensive legal background and knowledge as well as courtroom experience. Our goal is to help our clients with any pressing legal issue and find the best outcome.
(303) 309-4275
Birk Baumgartner

Birk Baumgartner    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80206
My name is Birk Baumgartner, and I am the principal at Baumgartner Law, LLC.
David Beller

David Beller    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
Criminal defense & civil rights attorney
Christopher Mommsen

Christopher Mommsen    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80209
I am a criminal defense and family law attorney in Denver, Colorado.
Marc Harden

Marc Harden    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
Personal Injury - Getting injured in an unexpected accident can change not only the course of your day, but potentially your life, and when that accident is caused by someone else’s recklessness
Matthew Hand

Matthew Hand    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80238
Former prosecutor and experienced trial lawyer defending criminal and DUI charges throughout Denver, the front range, and the near mountains.
(303) 900-8480
Andres Guevara

Andres Guevara    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80218
Andres R. Guevara brings over 15 years legal experience to every felony and misdemeanor case including domestic violence, DUIs, and identify theft.
Philip Smith

Philip Smith    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80210
I’m Philip M Smith, a private criminal defense attorney in Denver, CO. I’ve been in criminal law for over 32 years. I serve my clients with dignity and respect by providing reliable, hones
Jared Adams

Jared Adams    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
Adams Law Firm LLC, is a Criminal Law Firm representing individuals experiencing legal charges against Driving under the Influence, Felony related matters and misdemeanors.
Kevin Flesch

Kevin Flesch    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80202
Flesch Law is a leading criminal defense law firm, which concentrates on every level of your legal charges.
D. Todd Wulfhorst

D. Todd Wulfhorst    VERIFIED

Denver, NC 28037
General Practice Attorney
William Foster

William Foster    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80237
I am an attorney who is trying to update his address on this lawlink website.
(303) 297-7729
Charles Fife

Charles Fife    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80222
DUI / DWI Defense & Criminal Defense Lawyer in Denver, Colorado.
Michael Uwate

Michael Uwate    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80210
Must I?
(303) 321-8200
Patrick Mulligan

Patrick Mulligan    VERIFIED

Denver, CO 80203
303 860 8100