Affordable New York Entertainment Lawyers

Lawrence Steckman

Lawrence Steckman    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10016
Eaton & Van Winkle LLP and its predecessor firms date back to 1820, making EVW one of New York’s oldest law firms.
(212) 779-9910
Mary Madeline Roberts

Mary Madeline Roberts    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10036
(212) 859-5071
Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10003
Ravi Ivan Sharma Law Offices full service general practice of law with emphasis on Business and Corporate Transactions, Food and Beverage Liquor Law, Entertainment Law, Family, Wills, Criminal.
Ian  Waldon

Ian Waldon    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10120
Attorney with over seventeen years of experience in transactions in the Corporate, Branding Intellectual Property Employment/Executive Compensation, Music and Publishing arenas.
212 946 4737
Paul Stuart Haberman

Paul Stuart Haberman    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10024
I am a health/sports attorney at the New York law firm of Heidell, Pittoni, Murphy & Bach, L.L.P., as well as a licensed boxing manager and the Chairman of the NYCLA Sports Law Committee.
Domenic Romano

Domenic Romano    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10004
Our NY business and entertainment attorneys work with established companies, leading industry authorities, small business owners, media and entertainment professionals
(212) 865-9848
Howard  Cohn

Howard Cohn    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10018
Mary Roberts

Mary Roberts    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10036
Mary Madeline Roberts, Esq., serving cliens in New York, NY, is sincerely dedicated to tailoring customized legal solutions for your individual needs.
(646) 647-2009
Charles Tolbert

Charles Tolbert    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10001
Entertainment, Publishing, Intellectual Property, and General Corporate practice
Steven Mark

Steven Mark    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10021
Marshall Isaacs

Marshall Isaacs    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10007
Marshall R. Isaacs is a trial lawyer handling commercial and tort litigation matters for small to mid-sized businesses and individuals.
(212) 732-1809
Monica Trombley

Monica Trombley

New York, NY 10163
I'm what you'd call an "anti lawyer" since I'm a creative person first and foremost. My career is literally creative professional/entertainment attorney. There's no dull or boring with me.
Adam Davids

Adam Davids    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10003
Denning Rodriguez

Denning Rodriguez    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10013
Debra Berns

Debra Berns    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10025
Seth Metsch

Seth Metsch    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10017
Anthony Verna

Anthony Verna    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10005
Paul Haberman

Paul Haberman    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10017
Rich Maluga

Rich Maluga    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10016
In-house transactional attorney with 8+ years of domestic and international licensing experience, specializing in entertainment content and corporate brand extensions.
Harvey  Mars

Harvey Mars    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10036
Harvey S. Mars was born on May 6, 1960 in Brooklyn, New York. He sepecializes in providing legal services to musicians and is in house counsel to Local 802, AFM
Janine Morris

Janine Morris    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10021
Attorney at Law
Mayne Miller

Mayne Miller    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10116
New York General Civil Practice
Christopher Moye

Christopher Moye    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10010
My practice focuses on helping real estate and technology consultants and companies clients to navigate a variety of business and legal issues. My law firm is virtual.
Christopher Moye

Christopher Moye    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10010
Christopher Moye is a member of the New York State Bar. He owns a boutique law practice, is an active entrepreneur and is an active member of the technology community.
John J. Skinner, Jr.

John J. Skinner, Jr.    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10022
John is an intellectual property litigation & corporate attorney, and former military officer, capable of handling a variety of litigation, transaction and prosecution requirements.
Deborah  Hrbek

Deborah Hrbek    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10017
Business & Entertainment Law
Leslie Brown

Leslie Brown    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10153
Vivian Kimi Tozaki

Vivian Kimi Tozaki    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10026
Newly admitted to NY Bar (March 2009)
Seth Lehman

Seth Lehman    VERIFIED

New York, NY 11518
Peter Mustalish

Peter Mustalish    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10014
New Media, Entertainment, IP, litigation.
Pauline Arnakis

Pauline Arnakis    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10019
BA from New York University. JD from Brooklyn Law School. Specialize in Corporate, Intellectual Property, Information Technology fields of law. Expert in contract negotiations and management.
Peter Moulinos

Peter Moulinos    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10155
ETER MOULINOS' experience as an attorney includes practice on matters involving commercial law, real estate law, litigation, entertainment law and estate law.
(212) 832-5981
Ashwood Kavanna

Ashwood Kavanna    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10021
A.K. was/is a music booking agent-artists' personal manager and festival special events producer for 15 yrs prior to becoming an attorney; primarly music industry,branding & startups
Janine Small

Janine Small    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10001
Music Media and Entertainment Attorney
212 257-5598
Steven Beer

Steven Beer    VERIFIED

New York, NY 10022
Steven concentrates his practice on film, television and music matters. He represents industry-leading film, television and music companies.