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Jon Ginter is a bankruptcy attorney in Cleveland, Ohio. He specializes in Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy law. Jon has helped over 2,000 people in Ohio to file for bankruptcy.
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Bankruptcy, foreclosure defense and any other debt related matters are what we do -- exclusively.
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Bankruptcy law is a complex jumble of rules and regulations. Realizing that you just can‘t pay your bills is embarrassing, scary, and overwhelming.
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Bankruptcy attorney, Dean Paolucci has helped thousands of clients overcome debt & financial adversity. He specializes in Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt settlement, & credit repair.
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I have participated in 30+ trials as civil defense counsel. I have significant first chair trial experience, and I have obtained multiple defense verdicts.
Most people fear the bankruptcy process because they do not know how it can help them resolve financial issues that are being faced on a daily basis.
Graduate of Baldwin-Wallace University, and Cleveland Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University. Former Asst. Prosecuting Atty.. General Practitioner for 25 Years.

Mona Rubinstein

Rubinstein Law

Cleveland, OH 44131
Attorney Mona Rubinstein has been practicing law and serving clients in Cleveland, Ohio for many years.
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