Affordable San Francisco Real Estate-Personal Lawyers

Molly Fletcher

Molly Fletcher    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94122
Robert Gates

Robert Gates    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Julie Fieber

Julie Fieber    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94116
I am an experienced commercial litigator, with extensive background in complex business suits, including competition, advertising, trade secrets, and real estate seeking new opportunities.
(415) 846-8759
Charlie Yu

Charlie Yu    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94105
I am a problem solver who thinks outside the box and does not lose focus on the bigger picture.
(415) 349-5180
Paul DeAngelis

Paul DeAngelis    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94133
Paul DeAngelis concentrates on real estate matters, including litigating buyer and seller disputes and counseling services. Also to brokers & agents re: risk management & BRE compliance issues.
Drexel Bradshaw

Drexel Bradshaw    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
I am the principal of Bradshaw & Associates, P.C. I provide my clients with aggressive representation in all of the firm's litigation practice areas. I have extensive trial experience.
James O'Neil

James O'Neil    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
I serve clients with Business Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate needs.
(15) 992-3123
Jethro Busch

Jethro Busch    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94102
JETHRO S. BUSCH has been a licensed California attorney for over 25 years. His areas of practice include real estate (especially landlord-tenant) and civil litigation.
Roger Meredith

Roger Meredith    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
The Law Offices of Roger L. Meredith have experienced dedicated attorneys providing personalized services in a number of practice areas for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.
(415) 616-5959
Luen Lam

Luen Lam    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
Luen Lam specializes in real estate transactions, including finance, leasing, and acquisitions and dispositions.
(415) 788-2040
Robert Sheppard

Robert Sheppard    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Robert J. Sheppard, is regarded as one of San Francisco's premier attorneys in the fields of real estate law and landlord/tenant law.
julian lastowski

julian lastowski    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94102
solo practioner, civil litigation
James Arnold

James Arnold    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Environmental and Real Estate Law; San Francisco office and East Bay Office.
julian lastowski

julian lastowski    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94102
general civil litigation
Kathryn Anderson

Kathryn Anderson    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
I have practiced in the area of civil litigation for 27 years and have focused on business disputes, consumer rights and discrimination claims on behalf of individuals and companies.
Julie Cho

Julie Cho    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94122
Michael Rooney

Michael Rooney    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Christina Richards

Christina Richards    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
Kimberly Shields

Kimberly Shields    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94115
Benjamin  Humphreys

Benjamin Humphreys    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94122
Kenneth  Tsang

Kenneth Tsang    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94105
Christine Tour-Sarkissian

Christine Tour-Sarkissian    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94102
the firm specializes in general civil and business litigation, real estate, family law, probate and in transactional business, real estate, construction, commercial leasing and estate planning.
(415). 626-7744
Kevin Ho

Kevin Ho    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94110
Attorney & Real Estate Broker Associate, Vanguard Properties, Residential & Commercial sales.
(415) 875-7908
Gwendolyn Harre

Gwendolyn Harre    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94116
Associate, probate and trust litigation
Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Mr. Sullivan practices in the areas of Legal Malpractice (in which he has been certified by the California State Bar as a Specialist), Personal Injury, Construction and Civil Litigation.
Steven Miyake

Steven Miyake    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
David Herzog

David Herzog    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
I have an extensive and wide-ranging background in advising California businesses and individuals in a variety of circumstances and transactions, from simple to complex.
Cayce Falck

Cayce Falck    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94107
Cecily  Drucker

Cecily Drucker    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94104
Timur Bilir

Timur Bilir    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94107
BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley. Worked for 7+ years at architecture firms in the Bay Area. JD with Dispute Resolution Certificate from Willamette Law. Expert in arch/construction disputes.
Molly Gilardi

Molly Gilardi    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94109
Timothy Yoshida

Timothy Yoshida    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94111
Jeffrey Chen

Jeffrey Chen    VERIFIED

San Francisco, CA 94103


San Francisco, CA 94583
(925) 355-1555