Affordable Miami Real Estate-Personal Lawyers

Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Full service law firm providing personal injury, real estate and litigation services.
(305) 590-8909
Patrick Russell

Patrick Russell    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
We help consumers maintain healthy and prosperous business relationships; protect them from unforeseen events, and when needed, assist in ensuring prompt payment and collection.
(305) 373-3826
Florida Constuction Law Group

Florida Constuction Law Group    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33185
Our law practice includes real estate litigation, construction litigation, construction loan foreclosures, draw request disputes, payment and Performance Bond claims and defense.
Joshua Feygin

Joshua Feygin    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33179
Comprehensive Real Estate (Contract to Closing, Title Insurance, Landlord/Tenant, Foreclosure), Trademark, Wills and Estate, Family, Commercial, Corporate, and Litigation practice.
(305) 910-7788
Yana A. Manotas

Yana A. Manotas    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
The Law Office of Yana A. Manotas, P.A. is a boutique law firm with a global vision.
Samuel  Reiner

Samuel Reiner    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
David Gongora

David Gongora    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
(305) 381-7979
Aaron Resnick

Aaron Resnick    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33132
The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A. help you understand your rights and defend you against foreclosure. Also The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A.
(305) 672-7495
Kenneth Kaplan

Kenneth Kaplan    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33143
Family Law Attorney
Ray Garcia

Ray Garcia    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33185
Ray Garcia is AV Rated by Martindale Hubbell. He has been admitted to the Florida Bar since 1997 and is a Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer.
Santiago Padilla

Santiago Padilla    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Experienced Lawyers in Immigration, Real Estate, Business Acquisitions, Employment Law and Commercial Litigation
Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Miami Attorney Michael D. Stewart - Litigation, Personal Injury, Intellectual Property, Business, Real Estate
(305) 590-8909
Julio Marrero

Julio Marrero    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33146
At Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, LP our goal is to be your trusted Attorneys & Counselors at law for Top legal representation in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe County.
Joann Hennessey

Joann Hennessey    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33130
Joann has practiced law in South Florida for over 18 years. Prior to attending law school, Joann worked in the healthcare sector where her advocacy skills were first honed.
(305) 639-8791
Paul Agbeyegbe

Paul Agbeyegbe    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33179
Paul Agbeyegbe focuses his practice on the representation of individuals in complex residential real estate transactions and personal injury litigation.
(305) 459-4450
Julio Marrero

Julio Marrero    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33146
Attorney Julio Cesar Marrero has been practicing law and serving clients in Miami FL for many years.
Judah Mandel

Judah Mandel    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33138
Mandel Law is a Business Law and Real Estate Law Firm located in Miami, FL. Attorney Judah Mandel is the managing and founding partner of the Legal Offices of Mandel Law.
(305) 900-5996
Michele A. Crosa

Michele A. Crosa    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
For more information, please visit our website at
David Reiner

David Reiner    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33156
Marlee Ward

Marlee Ward    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33129
Michael Lascelle

Michael Lascelle    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Florida Bar Licensed Attorney
Judy Marsie-Hazen

Judy Marsie-Hazen    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33176
Attorney at law providing services in immigration, real estate, foreclosure litigation and mediation. Licensure: Florida BA Wellesley College, MA.; MSc University College, London, England.
Sandra Penagos

Sandra Penagos    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33143
Real Estate and Corporate Law attorney.


Miami, FL 33136
A FL and NJ licensed attorney with an LLM in taxation and several years of experience in civil litgation, real estate, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, personal injury, complex business litigation.
George Alvarez

George Alvarez    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33173
Practice areas are Bankruptcy, Asset Protection, Real Estate and Title Work, Estate Planning, and Probate.
Norma Echarte

Norma Echarte    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Norma concentrates her practice in the area of real estate and business law representing buyers, sellers and brokers in the negotiation and execution of real estate purchases in South Florida
Jacqueline Salcines

Jacqueline Salcines    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33143
Member Florida Bar, United States District Court Souther District of Florida, CubanAmericanBar, Dade county bar Practice includes real estate, business law, landlord tenant, foreclosure defense
(305) 660-5280
Nicole  Corona

Nicole Corona    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33133
Nicole Corona graduated from University of Miami School of Law and with a JD and LLM. She now works at Nicole Corona,PA and specializes in Estate Planning.
Richard Champagne

Richard Champagne    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33169
Immigration Family Law Criminal Real Estate
Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Law Offices of Michael D. Stewart is a full-service law firm providing Litigation, Personal Injury, Real Estate and Business Representation. Call us at 866-438-6574
Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
The Law Offices of Michael D. Stewart is a full-service law firm based based in Miami, Florida that represents clients against personal injury, litigation, criminal defense, foreclosure defense.
(305) 590-8909
Abe Bailey

Abe Bailey    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33169
Born in Jamaica West Indies but has lived in the USA since 1977.
786 657 2915
Tomas Kucera

Tomas Kucera    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33145
Real Estate Attorney Civil Litigation Attorney
Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Law Offices of Michael D. Stewart - Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Litigation, Real Estate, Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modification, Short Sale Law Offices o
(305) 590-8909
Maria Jose Granados

Maria Jose Granados    VERIFIED

Miami, FL 33131
Attorney Maria Jose Granados has earned a reputation throughout Miami-Dade County as a reliable legal resource for those in need of a Miami business law attorney.
(305) 676-9328