Best Attorneys for Personal Injury near Tampa, FL

Joseph J. Registrato
Tampa, FL 33605
Aggresively Defending your rigths & your Family
(813) 247-1900
Vincent Pawlowski
Tampa , FL 33605
For the last 30 years, I have represented doctors, lawyers, teachers, cops, robbers, professional athletes, wrestlers, actors, and folk from all walks of life.
Fred Gabriel
Tampa, FL 33605
This is Fred Gabriel. I live in Tampa, Florida. I am a legal adviser, attorney and professional speaker. Dad of 2 cute little boys. Lover of film, music, bike riding and adventurous road trips.
1-855-600 x4688
Frank Fernandez
Tampa, FL 33605
I take on all types of personal injury cases and have over 21 years of experience. I take on all types of injury/accident cases including car accidents. Call us for a free case analysis today!