Affordable San Jose Personal Injury Lawyers

Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95128
My practice is primarily employment litigation involving wrongful termination; discrimination/harassment cases and wage and hour. I represent some defendants in employment cases as well.
Jeffrey  Janoff

Jeffrey Janoff    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
I am a full time civil litigator doing plaintiff's personal injury cases.
E &  L LLC


San Jose, CA 95113
E & L LLC Located in Almaden. specializing in personal injury & Employment law matters We take great pride in our ability to solve unique and complex problems for our clients with respect, respon
(669) 213-0123
Andrew  Shin

Andrew Shin    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95125
San Jose workers’ compensation attorneys of the Law Offices of Andrew B. Shin fight tirelessly to deliver you the results you deserve.
(408) 709-7317
Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95112
San Jose Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim and his team acknowledge the specific needs of victims who have experienced life-changing traffic accidents. We are leading personal injury attorneys in Sa
Ronald Berki

Ronald Berki    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95126
Criminal Attorney San Jose CA
Louis Abronson

Louis Abronson    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
Louis Abronson is an experienced personal injury lawyer that handles industrial, premise, and auto accidents.
(408) 687-9155
Valley Accident  Lawyers

Valley Accident Lawyers    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95112
Valley Accident Attorneys is a professional personal injury law firm located in San Jose, CA. We have provided legal counsel to injury victims throughout the Bay Area since 2014.
Carl L  Brown

Carl L Brown    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 93711
Andrew R. Gillin

Andrew R. Gillin    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
As partner Andy Gillin is fond of saying, 'We love fighting for the little guy.' We all began our careers in public service, and while the cases have gotten larger and more complex.
(408) 955-9000
Omar  Habbas

Omar Habbas    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95112
Award-winning attorney, Omar Habbas, helps get justice and compensation for those injured in San Jose, Oakland, and the entire bay area and has handled thousands of cases.
(408) 684-0436
Andy Gillin

Andy Gillin    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95126
Andy Gillin is a Northern California personal injury lawyer that specializes in handling serious injury cases only.
(408) 955-9000
Richard Staskus

Richard Staskus    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
At the Law Offices of Richard J. Staskus, in San Jose, we offer exceptional, experienced representation to injured Californians.
Craig  Needham

Craig Needham    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95126
I have been practicing law since 1971. I am a former law professor who has been working as a personal injury attorney for the past 17 years.
Robert Bohn

Robert Bohn    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
Bohn & Fletcher, LLP has over forty years of experience helping injured accident victims in the San Jose.
Ronald Toff

Ronald Toff    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
Ryan Griffin

Ryan Griffin    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95110
I operate The Griffin Law Firm with offices in San Jose and Sacramento. I am licensed to practice in CA and WA.
Ryan  Harris

Ryan Harris    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
We do one thing and we do it right: personal injury law.
Caroline J. Nasseri

Caroline J. Nasseri    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95112
San Jose personal injury lawyer.
(408) 912-2217
Costanzo Law Firm

Costanzo Law Firm    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
The Costanzo Law Firm offers a superb record of experience and success in trial and litigation on behalf of clients.
Tab Mitchell

Tab Mitchell    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95110
Tab Mitchell is the founder of the Mitchell Law Firm and is a dedicated personal injury lawyer in the Bay Area.
(669) 220-7828
Robert Kopelson

Robert Kopelson    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
The Law Office of Robert B. Kopelson represents clients in personal injury cases involving slips and falls, truck accidents, motor vehicle accidents in San Jose, California.
Braid Pezzaglia

Braid Pezzaglia    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95128
The Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia serve San Jose and the surrounding areas, offering experienced representation to injury victims in California.
(408) 650-8955
Richard Alexander

Richard Alexander    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
Alexander Law Group, LLP is an award-winning personal injury law firm with offices in San Jose and San Francisco, California.
Deon Goldschmidt

Deon Goldschmidt    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95110
I have been practicing personal injury law for over 2 decades. I've successfully helped hundreds of accident victims claim damages from their injuries.
(408) 217-1778
Todd Emanuel

Todd Emanuel    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95134
The San Jose attorneys at the EMANUEL LAW GROUP represent individuals severely injured or killed as a result of a variety of situations including motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents,
(408) 943-8833
Jonathan Sweet

Jonathan Sweet    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
JD. USF, 1985; B.A. UC Berkeley, 1978; Bd of Penins. Build. Exch, 2002-present; Assoc. of Gen Contractors of Cal., Legal Adv. Comm, 1991 to present; Adj. Prof Law Lincoln Law School 2003-pres.
(408) 291-1957
Daniel Halpern

Daniel Halpern    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
Daniel Halpern heads a family firm in San Jose and Fresno. In each year since 1999, Daniel Halpern has been cited as one of the “Best Lawyers in Silicon Valley” in the practice of Family Law.
Michael Luu

Michael Luu    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95121
Michael H. Luu, Esq. was admitted to practice law in California in 1995. The firm handled both consumer bankruptcy matters, personal injury and commercial real estate matters.
Christian Nielsen

Christian Nielsen    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95120
Rob Bohn

Rob Bohn    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95112
The attorneys at Bohn & Fletcher, LLP have dedicated over 40 years to representing people injured or damaged because of the fault of others.
Alex  Javaheri

Alex Javaheri    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95113
William Healy

William Healy    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95112
Attorney Licensed to practice before all the courts of the State of California and several districts of the United States
Felicia  Jafferies

Felicia Jafferies    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95112
Ann Kepner

Ann Kepner    VERIFIED

San Jose, CA 95126
Needham, Kepner & Fish provides the residents of San Jose with expert counsel in personal injury matters
408 244 2166