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Specializing in Family Law, Personal Injury, Probate, and Juvenile Court Work in the Fairfield, CT area.
DUI, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney in Fairfield and Verona, New Jersey.
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Medical Malpractice Attorney, Malpractice Attorney , Wrongful Death Attorney
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As partner Andy Gillin is fond of saying, 'We love fighting for the little guy.' We all began our careers in public service, and while the cases have gotten larger.
I am a personal injury attorney at Wells, Call, Clark, Bennett & Clawson and am licensed to practice in both California and Arizona.
Attorney Dionne Choycer has been practicing law and serving clients in Fairfield, CA for many years.
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For over 30 years I have represented those hurt by the negligence of others as well as people who were sexually abused as children
I am currently an attorney focusing on criminal defense and personal injury. Before moving back to Connecticut I worked as a Reference Attorney for Westlaw.
For almost 30 years I have represented the injured and those that have been sexually abused.
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