Affordable Washington Immigration-Personal Lawyers

Lily Mazahery

Lily Mazahery    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20036
Personal and business immigration practice, general practice, litigation
Nabeel Kibria

Nabeel Kibria    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20006
Nabeel Kibria is a DUI Lawyer in Washington DC with years of experience defending clients who have been charged with reckless driving, DUI, OWI, DWI, drug charges, and more.
(202) 689-4439
Jim Tom Haynes

Jim Tom Haynes    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20009
Jim Tom Haynes is the most recommended English, Spanish, and Portuguese speaking attorney in Washington, DC. Experienced in a variety of areas, including corporate representation.
Lev Ivan Gabriel Iwashko

Lev Ivan Gabriel Iwashko    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20036
Although The Iwashko Law Firm can represent clients in intellectual property related matters anywhere in America
Rana Jazayerli

Rana Jazayerli    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20006
An experienced immigration atorney, Rana Jazayerli represents clients seeking non-immigrant and immigrant visas through family, employment, and investment, including through the EB-5 program.
Victoria Kuzmina

Victoria Kuzmina    VERIFIED

Washington, WA DC 20005
We practice Naturalization and Immigration law exclusively with our primary focus on employment-based immigration and family-based immigration.
1(202) 630-3359
Jason Weiss

Jason Weiss    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20005
An experienced lawyer dedicated to bring you the very best possible protection. I am a former adjunct professor of Sports Law at Nova Southeastern School of Law.
Morris Deutsch

Morris Deutsch    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20009
Morris is the firm's founding partner, with more than 26 years of experience in all aspects of immigration and nationality law, including permanent residence, temporary work permission.
(202) 728-0820
Kimberley Schaefer

Kimberley Schaefer    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20006
Immigration and social security disability attorney in Washington, DC.
(202) 642-4529
Robert Beam

Robert Beam    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20090
Our firm focuses on exceptional and aggressive defense litigation with extensive corporate and government background.
Solon Phillips

Solon Phillips    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20020
Lawyer licensed in Alabama and District of Columbia. Specializes in family law and can serve as an expert witness in child custody matters.
Jennifer  Moheyer

Jennifer Moheyer    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20010


Washington, DC 20090
Milton Buffington

Milton Buffington    VERIFIED

Washington, DC 20037
Immigration-Business practice involving companies and individuals from many different countries. Practiced law abroad for 4 years from 1973-1977.
(202) 965-0005