Affordable San Diego Immigration-Personal Lawyers

Jacob Sapochnick

Jacob Sapochnick    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Jason Sapochnick devotes 100% of his practice to Immigration Law, representing Corporations, Hotels, Restaurants, and other organizations, as well as, entrepreneurs, and individuals worldwide.
Jim Hacking

Jim Hacking    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Jim Hacking is the owner and founder of Hacking Law Practice, LLC., an immigration law firm in San Diego
(314) 798-9378
Harun Kazmi

Harun Kazmi    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92123
KAZMI & SAKATA is a Business and Family Immigration and Nationality Law Firm is providing unparalleled services which include a variety of immigration-related matters.
(858) 874-0711
Luis  Macias Jr

Luis Macias Jr    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92102
Our practice includes both civil and criminal representation.
(619) 245-4106
Lynne Feldman

Lynne Feldman    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
I have been an immigration lawyer since 1974 in Illinois and California. I love the challenge of figuring out the best immigration solution for our clients.
(619) 299-9600
Lynne Feldman

Lynne Feldman    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
Jason Feldman is an immigration lawyer that focuses his practice on EB-5 investor green cards and business immigration.
(619) 299-9600
Jason Feldman

Jason Feldman    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
Jason concentrates his practice on business and investment based immigration law.
(619) 299-9600
Linda  Allen

Linda Allen    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92121
Since 1999 I (and my firm Peak Business Law) have focused on providing cost-effective transactional business and immigration law representation.
Geoff Germane

Geoff Germane    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Graduated cum laude and was a member of the Order of the Barristers. Began practice with large law firm in San Diego, then started own practice in Jan of 2008.
Leon Snaid

Leon Snaid    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
San Diego Immigration Attorney. Certified Immigration Law Specialist by State Bar of CA's Board of Legal Specialization. Pre-eminent lawyer rating Martindale Hubbell.
Nora Milner

Nora Milner    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92127
Milner & Markee Immigration Attorneys was founded in 1987, and expanded in January of 2002, as a full-service professional law firm committed to exceptional client service.
Vaani  Chawla

Vaani Chawla    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92126
San Diego immigration attorney Vaani Chawla has successfully represented individuals and corporations in immigration matters for over 20 years. Call (858) 586-0700 to schedule your consultation.
Milner & Markee  Immigration Attorneys

Milner & Markee Immigration Attorneys    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92127
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Vik Monder

Vik Monder    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Monder Law Group provides clients with affordable, top-quality, CRIMINAL & DUI services throughout San Diego County.
(619) 405-0063
Habib Hasbini

Habib Hasbini    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
San Diego Immigration Lawyer
Michael  Fierro

Michael Fierro    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92108
The attorneys at Castillo & Associates work diligently to help injured workers through the complicated workers’ compensation claims process.
Taryn Jelovich

Taryn Jelovich    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101
Attorney, Legal Reference Librarian
Shawn Friestad

Shawn Friestad    VERIFIED

San Diego, CA 92101