Affordable Philadelphia DUI Defense Lawyers

Joe Mitchell

Joe Mitchell    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Attorney Joe Mitchell offers skillful representation and peace of mind for the injured and the accused in greater Philadelphia. His experience covers all kinds of accidents that have occurred in
(215) 557-7111
John Brendan  Elbert

John Brendan Elbert    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
I am a Certified Criminal Defense Attorney and have been practicing for over thirty two years in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
(215) 569-5000
Michael Fienman

Michael Fienman    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
I am a Philadelphia criminal and traffic attorney representing the area with strong legal advocacy and representation in criminal and DUI defense.
(215) 839-9529
Amato  Sanita

Amato Sanita    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Specializing in Criminal Defense, Civil Rights and Immigration Litigation.
(267) 738-7766
Brian Zeiger

Brian Zeiger    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Brian Zeiger - The Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers at Levin & Zeiger, LLP have defended their clients for many years in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey State and Federal courts.
(215) 546-0340
Richard Fuschino

Richard Fuschino    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
The Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino Jr. is a Criminal Defense Law Firm located in Philihephia, PA.
(215) 809-3863
Brian Fishman

Brian Fishman    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19107
Brian Fishman – A Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia, PA offering expert lawyer’s services for DUI, Drug Charges and various cases.
Brent Wieand

Brent Wieand    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
We give strong legal representation to individuals affected by various cases. Our team of Philadelphia personal injury lawyers is known for providing the best customer service in Pennsylvania.
Richard J. Fuschino Jr.

Richard J. Fuschino Jr.    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
The Law Offices of Richard J. Fuschino Jr. premier Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney
Mark Copoulos

Mark Copoulos    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
Mark Copoulos is a tenacious advocate for his clients.
Brian Fishman

Brian Fishman    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19107
Philadelphia criminal defense attorney. We represent individuals charged with DUI, drug
(267) 758-2228
David Crosson

David Crosson    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19119
Sole Practitioner concentrating in Family Law, Criminal Defense and writing of Wills.
Jeremy Alva

Jeremy Alva    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
Jeremy-Evan Alva defends those in the Philadelphia area who are facing criminal charges like DUI, drug offenses, and violent crimes.
(215) 665-1695
Steven Kellis

Steven Kellis    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
PA DUI Lawyer
(215) 940-1200
Greg Prosmushkin

Greg Prosmushkin    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19115
Aggressive trial lawyer in the areas of personal injury and criminal law
Joseph Lento

Joseph Lento    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Joseph  Mitchell

Joseph Mitchell    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
After graduating from Stanford University with honors, Mr. Mitchell received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1984.
Zak Goldstein

Zak Goldstein    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
The Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorneys of Goldstein Mehta LLC focus on the defense, trial, and appeal of state and federal charges in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
(267) 225-2545
Steven  Kellis

Steven Kellis    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Steven Kellis specializes in DUI defense. He has 20 years of experience in DUI law, including a previously held position as a Senior Assistant District Attorney.
Steven Kellis

Steven Kellis    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
At the Law Offices of Steven E. Kellis we specialize in DUI defense.
Michael Landis

Michael Landis    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
Attorney as Law, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Family Law, General Practice, Litigation
James Lee

James Lee    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19106
Senior Partner of Brooker, Richardson and Associates Northeast Region.
(267) 975-6843
Anthony Gil

Anthony Gil    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Attorney focusing on criminal defense, corporate litigation, contract negotiations, and general practice in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas.
(215) 840-4704
Marni Jo Snyder

Marni Jo Snyder    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19110
Law Offices of M.J. Snyder, L.L.C. specializes in criminal defense and special education. We also hope to provide help for the collateral consequences of involvement in the justice system.
Lee Ciccarelli

Lee Ciccarelli    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
Founded in 1989, our law firm is situated in Chester County Pennsylvania with main offices in West Chester, Pennsylvania and Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and has a team of attorneys.
(215) 228-0100
Mark Copoulos

Mark Copoulos    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
Mark Copoulos is a tireless advocate for his clients. He has litigated thousands of Philadelphia civil and criminal cases.
Charles  Thomas

Charles Thomas    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19027
I am sole practitioner representing the LGBT community in a variety of litigation matters, including criminal defense, personal injury, and family law matters.
Tamika McKoy

Tamika McKoy    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Tamika McKoy, Esquire, a former Assistant Prosecutor in New Jersey who is highly regarded by colleagues after earning many successes in both jury and bench trials.
Daniel Tann

Daniel Tann    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19110
I have a philosphy to work with client's until their cases are resolved and have become known as the 'Attorney For All Generations'
Evan Hughes

Evan Hughes    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19107
Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney
(215) 545-3940
Michael Kotik

Michael Kotik    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Attorney Michael Kotik is lawyer in Philadelphia that represents clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in all legal matters, ranging from Criminal law to Business law
(267) 265-4553
Michael Landis

Michael Landis    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19103
Offices located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Old Bridge, New Jersey. LL. M. Trial Advocacy, Temple University Beasley College of Law
(215) 238-0701
Samuel DiMatteo

Samuel DiMatteo    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19149
Has been an Attorney with since 2001. He is engaged in all aspects of general practice, both civil and criminal litigation.
Earl Raynor

Earl Raynor    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19139
Earl Raynor is a criminal defense attorney and appellate lawyer, licensed with the bars of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and United States Supreme Court.
Aaron Bell

Aaron Bell    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19124
Criminal Defense/Civil Rights Litigation
Michael Curtis Greenberg

Michael Curtis Greenberg    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19107
Experienced and aggressive trial lawyer with a proven track record of winning the difficult cases
(267) 752-5739
Steven Kellis

Steven Kellis    VERIFIED

Philadelphia, PA 19102
Steven Kellis has 20 years of jury trial experience and is a former prosecutor.