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I've dedicated my career to representing individuals in personal injury and wrongful death cases in the areas of products liability, auto crashes, and premises liability.
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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Litigation, trials and appeals primarily in the State and Federal courts of Florida, New York, New Jersey.

N. Ryan LaBar

LaBar Adams

Representing clients in all personal injury, criminal defense, and employment matters.
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Jeremy Hogan

Hogan & Hogan

Orlando, FL 32806
I was born in Dayton, Ohio and grew up on the island of Guam. I’m a dedicated attorney working to assist people in their time of need. I earned my degree of Juris Doctor at Whittier Law School.
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Scott Adams

LaBar Adams

Orlando, FL 32803
Dedicated to the fields of personal injury and employment law for clients in Orlando and throughout Central Florida.
A Voice for the Voiceless - Greg Francis became an attorney for one reason only: to fight for the rights of those who don't have a voice in society
Lylte, Sherry & Higginbotham handles employment law matters representing both employees and family law and criminal defense