Affordable Los Angeles Employee Law Lawyers

Juan Dominguez

Juan Dominguez    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90010
Juan J. Dominguez is a nationally recognized, award-winning, bilingual attorney. He is the founder, CEO and Managing Partner of The Dominguez Firm, LLP.
(213) 388-7788
Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90017
Victoria Marsden

Victoria Marsden    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90025
Ms. Victoria Marsden specializes in Corporate/Business, Personal Injury, and Employment Litigation, as well as SSDI/SSI cases.
(310) 826-6300
Scott Mann

Scott Mann    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90048
Experienced employment and labor attorney serving the greater Los Angeles area.
(323) 857-9500
Alan Steinbrecher

Alan Steinbrecher    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90071
Alan Steinbrecher has over thirty years of litigation experience, with particular emphasis in business, product liability and aviation litigation but with experience in real estate & employment
(213) 891-1400
Emanuel Shirazi

Emanuel Shirazi    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90067
We have worked for and been partners at the nation’s largest and most prominent employment law firms. We have successfully handled all types of labor and employment matters.
(310) 400-5891
Michael  Carver

Michael Carver    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90013
Are you a victim of unlawful employment practices in and surrounding areas?
Jeffrey Rager

Jeffrey Rager    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90017
Jeffrey Rager, He is a wrongful termination attorney at Rager Law firm.
David Denis

David Denis    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90017
The Law Offices of David R. Denis P.C. provides clients with a broad range of legal services in employment law to obtain the best possible results under the law.
(213) 625-0033
Dan Gilleon

Dan Gilleon    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90048
At Sexual Harassment Attorney, we have a long track record of winning harassment and discrimination cases just like yours.
Akop Jacob Nalbandyan

Akop Jacob Nalbandyan    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90017
A. Jacob Nalbandyan is an exceptionally skilled and experienced employee rights lawyer in Los Angeles and co-founder of Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP.
(213) 267-3640
Benjamin Blady

Benjamin Blady    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90036
Blady Workforce Law Group is dedicated to serving our clients with a range of legal services including employment and labor law, wrongful discharge, discrimination, business litigation
(323) 933-1352
Matthew Kaufman

Matthew Kaufman    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90025
If you need experienced representation by an employment attorney who will fight passionately for your rights, please contact Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney at The Kaufman Law Firm.
Scott  Ames

Scott Ames    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90067
Scott Ames has been litigating wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower, unfair competition and wage and hour cases on behalf of employees for over 25 years
(310) 478-2500
Steven Azizi

Steven Azizi    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90010
Dedicated and hardworking Employment and Injury Lawyer
(213) 433-3588
Kevin Levian

Kevin Levian    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90067
Levian Law is an experienced trial firm that helps clients resolve matters within the realms of personal injury and employment law in California.
(310) 277-7577
Steven Rubin

Steven Rubin    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90067
At The Rubin Law Corporation, we know the damage that these conflicts can cause.
(310) 385-0777
Jennifer  Bandlow

Jennifer Bandlow    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90036
Jennifer A. Bandlow, Esq. is the founding attorney at law for SoCal Justice Law Group.
(323) 723-3120
Robert Myers

Robert Myers    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90071
Hard-working attorney with experience in many areas of law. Also, worked for govt. as supervisory immigration analyst. Primarily focuses on immigration, criminal, and personal injury.
Rodney Mesriani

Rodney Mesriani    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90038
Rodney Mesriani is the principal partner of Mesriani Law Group. He specializes in personal injury and employment labor law.
(310) 826-6300
Azuka  Uzoh

Azuka Uzoh    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90057
Agressive result oriented Attorney, working to protect the interest of our clients. Please contact us with you legal needs in our areas of practice.
(213) 483-4020
Yolanda Slaughter

Yolanda Slaughter    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90025
As one of the firm’s Senior Associates, Ms. Slaughter specializes in Labor and Employment Law.


Los Angeles, CA 90035
I am an experienced and aggressive employment lawyer who represents both individuals and businesses. I have worked at the nation’s largest employment law firms.
Michael  Nourmand

Michael Nourmand    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90067
I practice predominately labor and employment law representing employees throughout California in individual and class action wage and hour and employment discrimination claims.
(800) 700-9243
James (JJ) Johnston

James (JJ) Johnston    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 900071
Wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles. I handle employment discrimination, employment termination, whistleblower, FMLA, and other employment law matters.
(213) 291-6977
Larry Parker

Larry Parker    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90071
Personal Injury attorney serving clients throughout Southern California.
(213) 986-2266
Jual Reyes

Jual Reyes    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90067
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Graduated from the University of California Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
(310) 854-5917
Hugh Duff Robertson

Hugh Duff Robertson    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90024
Attorney Hugh Roberston is Partner of Robertson + Lum LLP, a law firm in Los Angeles, CA. As a lawyer in Los Angeles, California
Svitlana Sangary

Svitlana Sangary    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90025
Our firm has represented hundreds of businesses and individuals throughout California in the legal matters, involving business law and litigation, real estate law and litigation,
Tracy Lopez

Tracy Lopez    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90038
Ms. Neal-Lopez specializes in employment litigation and handles business and corporate law cases.
Yolanda Slaughter

Yolanda Slaughter    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90025
As one of the firm’s Senior Associates, Ms. Slaughter specializes in Labor and Employment Law.
(310) 826-6300
Navid  Yadegar

Navid Yadegar    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90067
Since 1999, Navid Yadegar has represented corporate and individual clients in all aspects of employment law-related matters.
Betsy Havens

Betsy Havens    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90045
Our jobs and career give us stability in life. When that stability is taken away, you need a Strong Advocate on your side to demand respect and fairness — and compensation.
(310) 504-1490
Adam Phillip Zaffos

Adam Phillip Zaffos    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90014
Fernald Law Group LLP was formed in 2009 by Brandon C. Fernald and Rachel D. Stanger. Robert S. Schulman joined the firm as Of Counsel in 2011.
Stephen Danz

Stephen Danz    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90049
We are a state-wide California law firm representing employees in wrongful termination, discrimination, federal false claims, wage and hour class actions. 877-789-9707
310 207 4568
Preston Lim

Preston Lim    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90010
Lim Law Group, P.C. fights for employees' rights. We represent employees who have been discriminated, retaliated, and wrongfully terminated at the workplace. Call now for a free case evaluation
(213) 900-3000
Eliot Rushovich

Eliot Rushovich    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90036
I am the founding Partner of Rushovich Mehtani LLP, the premier employment law firm in California dedicated exclusively to representing employees.
(323) 433-9094
Juann Dominguez

Juann Dominguez    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90010
The Dominguez Firm, LLP is one of the most successful and recognized personal injury law firms in Greater Los Angeles and beyond. We have a 96% success rate* on litigated injury cases.
(800) 818-1818


Los Angeles, CA 90010
Farid Yaghoubtil's mission as a personal injury attorney is to help you, to listen to your needs, and most importantly to be there as a pillar of justice to ensure you are given appropriate help
(213) 389-3765
The Law Offices of Brett E. Blumstein,  P.C.

The Law Offices of Brett E. Blumstein, P.C.    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90010
Federal Esquire is a division of the law firm of Brett E. Blumstein, P.C. located in Los Angeles, California.
888 977 2254
Dan Gilleon

Dan Gilleon    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90038
At Sexual Harassment Attorney, we have a long track record of winning harassment and discrimination cases just like yours.
David Spivak

David Spivak    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90017
David Spivak and his team have achieved phenomenal results inside and outside of the courtroom.
(877) 277-2951
Salar Hendizadeh

Salar Hendizadeh    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90010
I take pride in representing victims of accidents and helping them receive justice for the damages that have been caused to them. I treat every client like a friend, with dignity and respect.
Jacob George

Jacob George    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90017
Los Angeles employment attorney
(310) 478-4349
Abraham Mathew

Abraham Mathew    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90017
Benjamin Blady

Benjamin Blady    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90036
Blady Workforce Law Group is a Los Angeles Employment Law Firm, practicing Labor and Employment Law, Workplace Discrimination Law, Sexual Harassment Law, Labor Law and Business Litigation.
(323) 933-1352
Rodney  Mesriani

Rodney Mesriani    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90025
David Bigelow

David Bigelow    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90017
Mr. Bigelow is a member of the law firm of Girardi | Keese in Los Angeles, a pre-eminent trial and litigation firm.
213 241 2345
Aryeh Leichter

Aryeh Leichter    VERIFIED

Los Angeles, CA 90010