Affordable Columbus Health Care Law Lawyers

Eric Jones

Eric Jones    VERIFIED

Columbus, OH 43215
Jones Law Group is a full-service law firm that provides exceptional legal counsel to injured & disabled workers and healthcare professionals throughout Ohio
(614) 545-9998
Deborah  Meesig

Deborah Meesig    VERIFIED

Columbus, OH 43221
Consultation offered to attorneys, physicians and healthcare executives regarding medical affairs and healthcare quality issues. Licensed to practice law and medicine in Ohio.
James McGovern

James McGovern    VERIFIED

Columbus, OH 43215
I defend professionals in their dealings with: 1) employers; 2) credentialing organizations; and 3) Ohio's Professional Regulatory Boards (Nursing Board, Medical Board, Dental Board, Pharmacy Bo
614-228-5800, x2
Douglas Graff

Douglas Graff    VERIFIED

Columbus, OH 43215
Licensure & Health Care Attorney providing representation to medical professionals, their corporations, organizations & Medical Staffs in regulatory, disciplinary, and administrative matters.
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Columbus, OH 43215
I have a private pilots license and I like to fly little planes. I also like to play golf even though I'm not very good at it.