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Director of Development at Better Evidence.

Ray Grubman

Rowe & Hamilton

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Rowe & Hamilton Law Firm in Indianapolis IN represents clients injured in car accidents.
(317) 482-7888
Shelley M. Riseden is a freelance paralegal providing research, document preparation, and writing services to both attorneys and non-attorneys.
(765) 667-5139
CLNC & CNOR certifed RN with 20 years of experience & 17 years surgical/Chart Audit experience. For any legal team that needs Medical Research done, contact us.

Vicki Schroeder

Ice Miller LLP

Indianapolis, IN 46282
I am the firm's Manager of Professional Development. I am also a member of the Professional Development Consortium and National Association of Law Placement.
Perceptual Litigation specializes in connecting case facts to human perceptions in meaningful ways through focus groups, witness preparation and case presentation.