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Our Emmy-winning team brings attorneys' cases to life in Dateline-style videos for mediation. We work nationwide.
Video depositions, trial presentation services, court room equipment rentals, video editing, duplication & transcript synchronization
Alicia Haywood is an award-winning producer who has been working in the professional media industry for 24 years.

Mitchell Riggs

LifeNow Video

Long Island, NY 00000
LifeNow Video is a professional video company specializing in day in the life videos, mediation videos, settlement videos and settlement brochures.
(646) 250-0133
Our Emmy-winning team turns attorneys cases into Dateline-style videos for mediation. We also produce Day in the Life and Website videos
(310) 295-2120

Michael Kyle


Dallas, TX 75206
Specialize in Desktop Video and high mobility applications
(214) 226-0630

Brad Twersky

BT Global Enterprises

Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
I am an attorney website and web marketing consultant