Divorce law in New Jersey

New Jersey has some of the most progressive divorce laws new jersey. The state allows for both no-fault and fault-based divorces, with many options available to help couples resolve their differences in an efficient and amicable way. This includes mediation, collaborative divorce, or even a simple uncontested divorce. With the help of an experienced divorce lawyer new jersey, divorcing couples can find a solution that works best for them and their families. For a divorce from the bonds of matrimony, desertion requires showing a willful separation by one spouse without cause or justification and intent to remain separate and apart for one year. Desertion does not always require one party to leave the marital home; it can be proven if one spouse completely abandons his or her marital duties to such an extent that the marriage is intolerable and impossible to continue. For more details, visit Divorce in New Jersey.

abogados de divorcio en nueva jersey, un divorcio se reconoce legalmente como la terminaciĆ³n de un matrimonio. Las parejas que deseen divorciarse deben pasar por el sistema judicial.