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In this digital age, purchasing decisions are increasingly driven by online reviews and ratings. Each year, more and more people are turning to the Internet as the very first step in deciding what to buy and who to hire, inevitably finding – or even specifically in search of – feedback ...
Have you been the victim of defamation and want to know the deadline to file a lawsuit? The statute of limitations is a major deadline that affects your ability to file a defamation lawsuit and is critical to keep in mind when considering all of your options in responding to ...
In some cases, the victim of online defamation has an idea who is behind the nasty commentary. But what can you do if the person targeting you has limited profile information listed, or does so from an anonymous username?
Suppose you are job-seeking and worried about a potential employer finding the public court records about an arrest when you were a juvenile for a petty drug offense in internet search results. Or suppose your next business venture will involve some due diligence on your background and you are worried ...
Choosing an attorney is a difficult decision that should not be taken lightly. You want to feel confident that your choice is the right one, and that your chosen attorney will have your best interests in mind and do a good job for you.
In some cases, you may be able to file a criminal or civil lawsuit against the perpetrator. There are also a few ways you can get the content removed from the internet that may not require a lawsuit at all.
Here is what to expect when you call Minc Law to help you with online defamation, extortion or sextortion.
If you are the target of anonymous defamatory online reviews, cyberstalking, online extortion or sextortion, or other forms of internet harassment, a John Doe lawsuit may help you identify the anonymous person behind it and put an end to the abuse.
We live in a world where shaming people on the internet and cancel culture has become the norm. It is impossible nowadays to browse through our Facebook or Twitter feed without stumbling on a post about a “rude” waiter who “ruined” someone’s dining experience.
Whether you are a business owner, professional, medical practitioner, or entrepreneur, online reviews have the ability to make or break your business. The following statistics highlight why.
It can be very frustrating to find negative and fake content about you or someone dear to you on the internet. In some situations, a court order may be necessary to get this content removed.
At Minc Law, we have extensive experience removing damaging and defamatory internet content, and know exactly what you should Google to effectively find this negative unwanted content.
In this article, we will describe defenses, with examples from actual cases. We will also share some insight into ways that online news content may be removed or suppressed from Google.
If you file a personal injury lawsuit, the defendant has the right to have you examined by a doctor of his or her choice. This exam is called a Defense Medical Exam or Independent Medical Exam.