What is Considered Defamation? Common Defamation Examples to Know

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Last updated on: February 24, 2021
In today’s digital age, defamation takes countless shapes and forms. Common defamation examples include:
What is Considered Defamation? Common Defamation Examples to Know

False posts, comments, statuses, and profiles on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter used to harass individuals and businesses.

Fake online reviews and ratings posted to consumer review websites such as Yelp and Google that do not reflect a genuine experience of a customer;

False shaming posts and reports on cheater and shaming websites accusing individuals of infidelity, predatory behavior, or having committed a crime;

Factually incorrect information, write-ups, and identifications in news articles and media publications.

Read on for an in-depth breakdown of online defamation and common examples found in social media, online reviews, public shaming sites, and news articles — as well as several actionable tips to avoid becoming a victim of defamation yourself.

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