Defamation Litigation Alternatives: What are my Options?

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Last updated on: October 27, 2020
If you or your business are the targets of defamatory attacks, fake online reviews, allegations of infidelity, or other defamation, you more than likely have numerous questions about defamation lawsuits and how you should proceed. When prospective defamation clients call us, their first questions are often, “Do I have a case?,” “Who can I sue?,” and “Do I have to sue?”
Defamation Litigation Alternatives: What are my Options?

There are many alternatives to litigation that may be available to you depending on your defamation matter. Popular litigation alternatives include:

  • Negotiating with website owners;
  • Making an editorial request for news article removals;
  • Reporting Terms of Service violations;
  • Sending a DMCA takedown notice;
  • Sending a cease and desist letter;
  • Utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); and
  • Utilizing online reputation management services.

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