Date: 02.08.13
Area: Real Estate
For: California, USA

How can I modify a home mortgage when being denied by the loan company too many times?
1 answer | Asked on 02.08.13 in Real Estate.

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Is it your primary home? Do you have the denial in writing? What type of loan do you have? I personally would go straight to the Acts and then research from there. I am presently assisting an elderly person with a mortgage who has a loan that WAS a FM loan then was purchased by BoA, so the mortgage company said that this individual did not qualify for a HARP, initially. We are waiting to see if the house even appraises at the amount necessary to refinance with another bank. If it does not qualify we are going straight back to the present mortgage company. This is a slippery area but having worked in business and finance before the legal field, it really is a bit of a game. I would suggest seeing an attorney, if you do not want to research the statues and regs yourself. 

Answered by Deborah Cain, MJ on 10.01.16.