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Brian Mahany is a partner in the law firm of Mahany & Ertl, LLC in Milwaukee and a consultant to several accounting firms across the United States. He has practiced law for over 25 years.


Prior to opening his own firm this year, Brian served as the head of Maine's revenue department, served as Assistant Attorney General - Tax in Maine and special counsel to the Senate on tax policy. In private practice, he was part of the defense team that defended actor Wesley Snipes on criminal tax charges and has written tax articles for the Journal of Accountancy and in Wisconsin, On-Balance magazine, the publication of the Wisconsin Institute of CPA's. He has also lectured on tax policy nationally.

Brian frequently blogs on tax and asset recovery topics for Business Week and on his own personal firm website,
Brian concentrates in recovering assets for victims of frauds and Ponzi schemes, defends the liberty of those accused of white-collar crimes, assists businesses and people with a variety of tax controversies and represents victims of both sexual assault and of employment discrimination.

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Although Florida and a select few states have powerful homestead laws that protect one's home against creditors, those laws do not always work if fraud or a fraudulent conveyance was involved. Like all aspects of asset protection, timing is everything.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 9.3.10 in Litigation - Court Decision.

Many think the government always has their back. Even if the regulators can't stop every investment fraud or scam, few think that the government itself could be the one doing the misleading!
Posted by Brian Mahany on 9.4.10 in Business - Securities.

A Florida pastor's decision to burn a Quran and France's decision to ban the wearing of burqas by conservative Muslim women garnered national media attention. What has not been reported, however, has been the dramatic rise in anti-Muslim complaints received by the EEOC. Read more for the statistics and of one shocking complaint.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 9.15.10 in Employment.

Appeals court says it is okay for an officer to hoist a suspect's baggy pants; rules gun found was part of an incidental contact, not a search.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 9.17.10 in Criminal Law.

DA sends 30 texts to victim of violent domestic assault over 30 days. Calls her a sexy nymph and asks if she is interested in "secret contact with older married DA." Womens groups appalled. DA says not sexual, seeks re-election. Creepy story of sexual harassment in rural Wisconsin.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 9.17.10 in Articles.

Legal Malpractice and Asset Recovery blog post - discusses recent SEC action against Minnesota attorney accusing him of operating a Ponzi scheme that bilked 100's of people across the U.S. out of tens of millions of dollars.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 9.23.10 in Miscellaneous - Newsworthy.

When we think of fraudsters, we think of sleezy investments bankers and promoters in suits. For the tiny California city of Bell, the fraudsters were the city officials. This is an outrageous story of government misconduct.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 9.23.10 in Miscellaneous - Newsworthy.

Thought provoking article on how tax policy may soon drive out America's wealthiest individuals. With just 5% of the population paying most of the taxes in the US and our society becoming increasingly mobile, the threat is quite real.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 10.2.10 in Tax Law.

Timely discussion examines the uncertainty of America's financial and legal system and steps we should consider today to protect our hard earned money. This is not the normal "recycled" financial advice you will find in the newspaper!
Posted by Brian Mahany on 10.9.10 in Miscellaneous - Newsworthy.

Discusses criminal case against 9 alleged gang members who kidnapped, tortured and robbed a gay man and several others in New York City. This is one of the worst hate crimes on record.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 10.11.10 in Criminal Law.