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Dr. George Yanulis earned a Doctor of Engineering Degree (D.ENG.) in Biomedical Engineering from a joint program offered through the Washkewicz College of Engineering at Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF). Dr. Yanulis is an experienced medical device research and development engineer and medical device expert witness and has extensive experiences and expertise in medical device research and development for all types of medical devices and medical imaging systems.
Posted by George Yanulis on 10.8.19 in Employment.
Shane Bryant's resume.
Posted by Shane Bryant on 10.27.12 in Employment.
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) protects the interests of participants and their beneficiaries who depend on benefits from private employee benefit plans. ERISA sets standards for administering these plans, including a requirement that financial and other information be disclosed to plan participants and beneficiaries and requirements for the processing of claims for benefits under the plans.
Posted by Bryon Gross on 10.9.11 in Employment.
Summer Vacation And Your Kid Wants To Get A Job. Great! However, Make Sure They Are Not Being Taken Advantage Of.
Posted by Bryon Gross on 6.2.11 in Employment.
Riggins Law Firm wants to informed employer against some obvious actions and policies that could lead to employment-related litigation. Therefore, here are the top ten policies that could result in litigation for employers
Posted by Danialle Riggins on 3.30.11 in Employment.
John Spiegel of Munger, Tolles sends a letter to Charlie Sheen's attorney, Martin Singer. It begins: At the outset, let us state the obvious: Your client has been engaged in dangerously self destructive conduct and appears to be very ill.
Posted by The LawLink Team on 3.7.11 in Employment.
In this recent decision of Lopez vs. Pacific Maritime Association, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reviewing a decision by the U.S. District Court in California held: an employer's policy permanently permanently disqualifying job applicants who test positive for drug use does not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"). [Case advance sheet courtesy of Metropolitan News Enterprise]
Posted by Robin Mashal on 3.3.11 in Employment.
A Florida pastor's decision to burn a Quran and France's decision to ban the wearing of burqas by conservative Muslim women garnered national media attention. What has not been reported, however, has been the dramatic rise in anti-Muslim complaints received by the EEOC. Read more for the statistics and of one shocking complaint.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 9.15.10 in Employment.
Employment discrimination claims continue to be filed at record levels with the EEOC and state anti-discrimination agencies. Most all types of claims are up with particular large increases in age discrimination and pregnancy claims. Recently fired workers, unable to find new jobs, have little to lose in filing claims.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 8.28.10 in Employment.
Short blog about a recent federal court case finding repeated demands by a male supervisor to fondle two teen workers constitutes harassment. Jury awards $440,000.00 in damages.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 8.24.10 in Employment.