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Drug Injury Watch: Eliquis Lawsuits Being Filed Across The Country In Increasing Numbers
Posted by Tom Lamb on 9.19.16 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: Bayer Essure Birth Control: Safety, Regulatory, And Legal Developments
Posted by Tom Lamb on 9.9.16 in Personal Injury.
Farxiga / Jardiance / Invokana: Label Change Adds Ketoacidosis Warning
Posted by Tom Lamb on 8.31.16 in Personal Injury.
A must-have for any trial binder. This 10- page .pdf document contains the legal authorities for dozens of common evidentiary objections in an easy-to-read chart.
Posted by Jeff DiCello on 8.29.16 in Articles.
Drug Injury Watch: Antidote Drug For Xarelto / Savaysa / Eliquis Is Denied FDA Approval
Posted by Tom Lamb on 8.24.16 in Personal Injury.
Being involved in a car accident is a shock to the system. After the trauma of the initial impact, there may be no obvious signs of injury. However, the symptoms of certain types of injuries are actually more likely to appear sometime after the event. It is not uncommon for people involved in collisions to make statements like “I’m OK” or to refuse medical treatment only to wake up the next morning, or even days later, in severe pain. It is important to understand why this happens and what you should do after a car accident.
Posted by Jason Chalik on 8.22.16 in Personal Injury - Auto Accident.
Drug Injury Watch: Prolia & Xgeva: QT Interval Prolongation Associated With Hypocalcemia
Posted by Tom Lamb on 8.18.16 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: Viagra, Nexium, And Invokana: Drug Injury Lawsuits Report: Summer 2016
Posted by Tom Lamb on 8.16.16 in Personal Injury.
Lawyers in Springfield, Missouri won’t have to wait too long before they can begin petitioning courts to expunge old criminal convictions under a Missouri expungement bill that was signed by Governor Jay Nixon on July 13, 2016. Governor Jay Nixon signed Senate Bill 588 into law, which makes expungement in Missouri possible for thousands of Missourians with prior criminal convictions.
Posted by Thomas Carver on 8.8.16 in Articles.
Drug Injury Watch: Invokana / Farxiga / Jardiance: UTIs Then Urosepsis And Pyelonephritis
Posted by Tom Lamb on 8.2.16 in Personal Injury.