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Swimming pool safety law
Posted by Mona Deldar on 12.5.19 in Articles.
Agressive LA Drivers
Posted by Mona Deldar on 12.5.19 in Personal Injury - Auto Accident.
5 Things You Must Do After An Automobile Accident
Posted by Mona Deldar on 12.5.19 in Articles. (CA)
Discussion on existing California law regarding noncompete agreements and how Washington State proposed legislation to mirror aspects of restrictions California places on such agreements.
Posted by Alston Lew on 10.11.19 in Articles.
Dr. George Yanulis earned a Doctor of Engineering Degree (D.ENG.) in Biomedical Engineering from a joint program offered through the Washkewicz College of Engineering at Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF). Dr. Yanulis is an experienced medical device research and development engineer and medical device expert witness and has extensive experiences and expertise in medical device research and development for all types of medical devices and medical imaging systems.
Posted by George Yanulis on 10.8.19 in Employment.
EAS Webinar: FDA’s Transition from CFR 820 to the ISO 13485:2016 - Instituting a New Quality Management System (QMS) September 25, 2019 Presented by George Yanulis, D.Eng., EAS Independent Consultant FDA’s shift to a to a Quality System Regulation structure of ISO 13485:2016 is an effort to harmonize medical device regulations as well as reduce compliance and record keeping burdens faced by current medical device manufacturers. But will those operating under 21 CFR 820 Quality Management Systems made the voluntary switch? While ISO 13485 is an international standard, its focus on design
Posted by George Yanulis on 10.8.19 in Miscellaneous.
Investigative contacts
Posted by Private Investigators on 9.30.19 in Expert Witness.
Benson Law Firm has a free initial consultation so that you can visit an attorney concerned and can have an initial discussion at Benson Law to address your plaint.
Posted by King Benson on 7.29.19 in Press Release. (AR)
An order entered in Federal Court granting final default judgment against the defendant.
Posted by Michael Gulisano on 6.17.19 in Litigation - Verdicts. (FL)