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ABSTRACT: The new Spanish Jury Law (Ley del Tribunal del Jurado) foreseeing by article 125 of the democratic Constitution of 6 December 1978 was finally enacted by Organic Law 5/1995 of 22 May (partially amended by Organic Law 8/1995 of 16 November), after being constantly urged by the Spanish “Association For Trial by Jury” (Asociación pro-Jurado), with the backing of the Basque Parliamentary Group in the Spanish Congress. The history of the Spanish Jury starts with the liberal Constitution of Cadiz in 1812 under the influence of the French Constitution of Bayona of 1808, being present dur
Posted by GUSTAVO LOPEZMUÑOZ LARRAZ on 12.20.16 in Articles.
Drug Injury Watch: December 2016: FDA Requires Safety Warnings Label Change For Jardiance
Posted by Tom Lamb on 12.20.16 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: Long-Term Use Of Prevacid, Prilosec, and Nexium May Lead To Strokes
Posted by Tom Lamb on 12.16.16 in Personal Injury.
An epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta is suggesting that, in order to save lives, it might be a good idea to have greater laws limiting when our teens drive unsupervised at night.
Posted by Eileen Marsh on 11.22.16 in Articles.
In the late 1990s, Canada established a set of Guidelines that set forth basic child support amounts, the idea for which was to reduce conflict, encourage resolution, and ensure equal treatment of spouses. In most cases, the parents simply followed the Guidelines and agreed upon support payments.
Posted by Rick Bickhram on 11.15.16 in Family Law. (ON)
Drug Injury Watch: Is Eliquis A Safe Alternative To Warfarin For Patients On Dialysis?
Posted by Tom Lamb on 11.4.16 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: No Clinical Trials Comparing The Safety Of Eliquis To Xarelto Done Yet
Posted by Tom Lamb on 10.28.16 in Personal Injury.
If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, bitten by someone else’s dog, or sustained injuries in a slip and fall incident on someone else’s property, you may have the grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit. The article below will guide you through the stages of filling a personal injury case and what to expect.
Posted by Marc Grossman on 10.25.16 in Articles. (NY)
Drug Injury Watch: Viagra - Melanoma MDL Might Include Cialis Lawsuits And Levitra Cases
Posted by Tom Lamb on 10.20.16 in Personal Injury.
This article describes a loop-hole that exists in Tennessee residential real estate transactions, specifically how the required disclosure statement can be avoided by the seller of real estate.
Posted by Ronald Nevin on 10.17.16 in Real Estate. (TN)